November’s ATV Newsletter 2015

by IPA on November 8, 2015

First of all Sorry the October Newsletter didn’t go out. But there was not much in there that hasn’t been said already.
Voted and past to Pay Mary Mangold extra for the web page she does for us. She does a wonderful job through out the year keeping it up and fixing my mistakes. (When trying to post on it.) Thank you to her for her help and promoting us to the OHV public.
A couple of things on the table for 2016: Brushing out Cerry Creek, Burgdorf riding, and helping Bud’s Power Sports with another spring feed.
Thank you to the Nice article that the Forest Service put in the paper for us. Their article takes it clear back when we started in 1999 with 30 members. To now 2015 with between 300-400 members

It was brought to our attention that Cathy Conover, Riggin’s Forest Service is looking into putting Kirkwood and Big Canyon in the Trail Ranger Program. We have talked to her and said that we would be interested in the contract. We have sent to her an old contract we have with Nezperce/Clearwater Forest. This will show our responsibility for the trails. And if we get that contract, that would mean that it will go in on the incentive program.
Trail Ranger Program: Because our crews are getting smaller and there happens to be more cutting and brushing called for on the trails. I has been suggested to make work days for all the trails. This would mean relieve the trail bosses of their jobs. And only one contact again. (The President or Secretary). Or watch the news letter for work days.
Do to the fires this fall the finishing up on trail 313 was put on hold. In Oct. Steve and Dean tried to work in a work day. But was rained/snowed out. Steve D. is the excavator operator for the trails. He knows what he needs to make the trail work stick for more then just a month or two. We do have the go ahead to work on it. So if the weather has a dry spot again. We will try and get in there. If not it will be a spring project.
On another note LoLo Trail has put in fuel pumps at Powel.

There is coming this month some meeting that will need attended to, LAND SWAP!!

Oscars 17th @ 6:00 with Sandra Mitchell (this is a meeting to see what is out there)

Grangeville Elementary Gym November 24th with Senator Risch

Thank you to Noal Payne for coming to the meeting. He brought some concerns that will need to be addressed next year. Trail 88 has a sink hole. (308 trail needs some bridge work this might go to the motorcycle club) Skyline trail, Dead horse and Milner trail.
And last but not least the club will be looking into a DR cutter to pull behind the ATV for trail work. We have a lot of concerns and that we have to work out before going forward.

Next meeting Dec. 2nd.,we will be setting the riding schedule for 2016. We need input from every body. And the new membership forms will be out then.

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