IPA Newsletter for April 2016

by IPA on April 15, 2016

Spring time is here. Great weather to ride in for March and April. As you read this letter you will have some dates and places  for changes.

Some of the changes are do to we have another trail to work on this year. And the Saturday clean up day’s just are not working. Not enough people can go on Saturday’s.


Old Business:

    1. Kirkwood work day on the 3/19/16. Due to only 5 people were able to go. We will be going back in on another day to finish up. The trail cat from Idaho Parks and Recreation will be in there April 8-12th.  We will need to go back in and finish up the brushing.
    2. Big Canyon work day was on the 3/13/16. Due to only 6 people going in, we will need to go in and finish up the brushing.
    3. Big Canyon Ride was on the April 9th. Don, Steve, Dean and Brenda will not be able to go. So Del H. volunteered to take everyone.  Thank you Del.


New Business: HERE are THE CHANGES!!

    1. No Ride into Kirkwood on the 23rd. We will be doing a work day on Kerry Creek up the Salmon River.
    2. Carey Creek Work day will be April 23. This will be a new work trail for us this year. We hope to get it brushed out for the tail cat when it comes at the end of the month.  (Carey Creek is a good looping trail to a lot of places on the other side of the river. About 10 years ago the club would ride down there a lot. There is old mines, beautiful lakes to see, look outs and parts of the river to see. That you wouldn’t see unless you are in a boat.) The work day will start at 8:00am @ the head of French Creek. The bridge work is going on but is open to travel from 6-8am, 4-5 pm with out wait. But during the day and night it is open with 30 min. waits.
    3. Jordan Valley is moved to June 3,4,5  (Basque Station Motel 541-586-2244 or the RV 541-586-2477)
    4. Steak Ride  will Be  the 17th of July You will need to RSVP back by June 27th so we can get the steaks ordered. The ride this year will be Leaving the Mill Site in White Bird, going up Deer Creek going across to Cow Creek Saddle and back around on the lower rode.  Or something like that. Ride boss hasn’t said exactly.


Work Days are as follow Dates may change with weather and snow.

4-corners, June 12

Scott/Bullion May 24

MCComas Meadows trail are the 25-26th of June. Hamburgers will be served on Saturday for those that join the work crew.

Centennial Trail will be announced. This will be a full weekend thing.

    1. July 6th Single Track will be having there State Ride in the Florence area

Rides for 2016

· June 3,4,5 Jordan Valley

·July 9th French Creek

· July 16 or 17 Steak Ride High Road

·October Leslie Gulch


Next meeting is May 4th at the White Bird Area Recreation Dist. Building in White Bird.


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