The management of Recommended Wilderness Areas and Wilderness Study Areas.

by IPA on April 1, 2017

The following is coming from Sandra Mitchell. 

A resolution to this issue has eluded us for decades, however, we may
finally have the opportunity to resolve it to our liking which means
RWAs/WSAs won’t be managed as Wilderness.  We are in the process of
drafting a letter to Secretary Zinke explaining the issue and proposing
at least two solutions.  My favorite is an Executive Order.  We have one
that was written by a former member of the Reagan Justice Department.
The resolution is clean and simple but another way would be through rule
making which is costly, time consuming, and with no guaranteed outcome.
If we can come up with other options we will include those as well.
I have an appointment late in April with the political appointees who
are working BLM recreation issues.  I would like to give them the letter
for the Secretary.  As soon as there is an Undersecretary of Ag in
charge of the Forest Service, we will send them a letter and hopefully
meet with him/her.
I believe that the more organizations from across this country that sign
the letter, the more credibility it will have and the greater the
likelihood it will be taken seriously. _Would your organization, club,
or association be willing to have your name on the letter?_
_I am only asking for a tentative agreement because I don’t have the
letter to share with you.  Once the letter is finalized, I will send it
your way and you can make a final decision about whether to sign on._
Would you please consider this, and if you are interested, give me the
name of the group and the president. *I promise the letter will not be
sent until you have a chance to review it.*
Also, would you please share this with any group that might be
interested in any state.

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