June’s Newsletter 2017

by IPA on June 10, 2017

June’s meeting was short  and quick. Eleven Members attending.


  1. Saw Class set @ Slate Creek on the 25th. For the Following Rick, Dean, Larry, and Steve. Thank you to those and Michelle, Bretta and Brenda for taking the First Aid/CPR Class.


  1. Dates for Trail Work have changed: July 8th for McComas Meadow, and July 22nd for the Centennial trail. All work days start at 9:00.

          The 4-corners & 9301 trail will be worked on as crews become available.


  1. OHV Training class/Fun Run has been moved to the 24th at Fish Creek. This will be the Training Class in the morning and the Fun Run to start @ 1:00. We are needing three check stations filled. If you could help please let us know. This is put on by the High Mountain Trail Machine Association and Idaho Pathfinders.

If you are interested in the training class please call 839-2303. This class is backed by the Idaho Parks and Recreation. You will receive a card that says you completed the class and test. The card is good for life.


  1. Trails to be worked on in July or Aug.: 303 will need a little work with an excavator and one other person. It’s about 300 yards. 313 trail we will need to finish up from the bridge to Adams. This will be rock hauling and trail preparation. Day job easy.
  1. We are needing your thoughts and opinions on trail work.  What would you like to see, and is our effort on the trails worth it.


  1. Next meeting will be July 12th.  @ Hoot’s CafĂ© 7:00pm


Rides for 2017

  1. OHV Training Class/Fun Run June 24  with the High Mountain Train Machine
  1. July/Aug. Lost Lake

                  Cold Springs

                  Goose Creek

  1. Clearwater-Avery

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