Trail Information for August 2017

by IPA on August 12, 2017

June and July were busy months for the Club. They cleared over 90 miles of trails in a short 3 week span. Thank you to the crew for working on them.

But the end of July and August have brought thunderstorms into our area. Along with that fires.

Here is a few trail closures at this time: Florence, Scott, Bullion, Centennial Trail #88 (part of)

The following trails are open as of right now 8/9/2017: 

McMomas Meadows, 385, 386, Fish Creek, 9301, Milner #163

As a reminder this time of year. Please stay on the trail and carry a bucket and shovel. You never know when a fire might start.

Also no camp fires. Due to these extreme conditions, multiple land management agencies have implemented Stage 1 Fire Restrictions on their lands to help limit the potentially devastating effects of escaped campfires or randomly discarded cigarettes. The Bureau of Land Management is asking for your help to prevent additional wildfires.

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