Idaho Pathfinders Septembers Newsletter 2017

by IPA on September 13, 2017

September’s meeting was called to order  by Pres. Don Eckford. Mins from the last meeting were read and approved.  13 members attended

Banking was gone over and approved .  With paying the for the Web page $145.00 to Mary Mangold for doing the web page and our domain name for the year.


Old Business: Chain Saw Cards are still not signed.  Brenda has made several phone calls into the Forest  Service (Jeremy Harris and to Noel Payne). But neither of them are the ones that can sign them . The gentleman that does the signing is out on fires.


New Business

  1. Nate Gentry a long time member of the Idaho Pathfinders has been in and out of the hospital. There is going to be a  benefit auction and dinner on  September 16th in Cottonwood.  It was suggested to donate $100. Steve made the motion to donate $100 and Dean second it.
  2. 501c3 status had expired several years back. It would cost us $400 to renew it.  But at this time we are not doing the big Family Fun Night or the raffle tickets and  this is were the 501c3 was used. People that made big donations could take it off on there taxes.  So at this time we will pass. But if need be look into it again later.


Every year we ask for help with the trail work, finding new rides, working at events, finding new places for the meetings and general help with the club.  And it is the same, Nothing other then the people around the table.  This year we will be looking for  the Pres., Vic. Pres, and Secretary/Treasure potions .  In the years  past, the Pres. And Vic. President were  roped  into it.  Some of them have been Pres. Or Vic Pres. For more then one term or position. The Secretary’s job has been Brenda Heckman’s since it started in 1999. She also required the treasures job after Charlene Hinkly left back in 2001. Every year she  asks does anyone want this position. But she is always asked to stay by other members around the table and has excepted. But this year, she is stepping down to be more involved with her daughter.  We have asked if anyone would like to step in and learn the Sec. job. But no one wants to step up. Also the Pres. Don Eckford is getting tired as well. So we are trying to find something to do, or other means to stay together.


Other topics  talked about were the trail ranger program and that the people cleaning the trails are getting tired being the same 15 people to do it. Plus they are in the older generation. But do a wonderful job.  We had to have saw certified for  running the chain saw, and we only had a few step up to the plate, with that they had to get their first aid card. So two class they did just to run a saw to clean trails. These people are set for two more years. (you have to be saw certified to run a chain saw on the trail ranger program. The trail ranger program is where the money comes to pay the insurance for the club.)

We also talked about what do we see on the trails. “We see the majority of the users are Big UTV’s.” Bigger than 50″.  So the generation of ATV’s are slowing dyeing out.  The motorcycle club are having the same trouble. We have added UTV’s to our club. And have asked several times for trails opened up for UTV’s from the Forest Service. But this is going to be an up hill battle at this time. 

So with that, an idea was joining forces with other user groups (ATV,UTV, jeep, motorcycle, and Snow cats) to show a united front as a whole.  Then start talking more heavily to the Forest Service about old logging roads, to see if we could get them opened back up for jeeps or more then 50″ UTV’s .

If we join forces this would give us  larger numbers to write with,  We could all work together for letters, Functions/Rides, and share into the cleaning trails part, We could share the hard work more through all off us. Not just with in the club.  Insurance could be less, and some members that are part of multiple clubs would only have one to pay and to go to one  meeting.  There could be a lot of plus by doing this.

Another idea is quarterly meetings, no newsletter other then the webpage for the news feed.


Nothing has been decided yet, but we will be asking the other club’s in the area about their input on it. And see what we can come up with. If you have an idea or suggestion please call 839-2303 or e-mail Thank you from the Board

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