October 2017 Idaho Pathfinders Newsletter

by IPA on October 13, 2017

October’s meeting was brought to order on October 4th, 2017. We had 10 members attending. The min. From the last meeting were read and approved. The banking was gone over and the gas cards were handed out. These gas cards are for those that did the 2017 Trail Ranger Program. If you didn’t attend but participated in the trail clean up, Your card will be coming soon. Thank you to those that helped out.


First thing to discuss was one of our long time members has passed away, Berry Merrit. We passed a card around the table to send, and Don Eckford will be picking up flowers for Shirley. Berry will be missed, he came to a lot of the rides that were put on by the club and BBQ’s.


As like last month, the club is trying to figure out some things for next year. We are hoping to get it easier for the next President, Vic President and Sec./Treasure. Starting in January of 2018 the club will be having meetings every other month. The First Wed. @ 7:00pm. As of right now Still at Hoot’s. (January, March, May, July, September, November)

We will also be raising the dues for the club by $5. So single’s will be $20 per person and family will be $25. And as you can see there is also a NEW e-mail. idahopathfinder99@gmail.com

And something NEW will be Business Sponsors which will have different levels of pay. This will get them family membership per level. The Business Sponsors will have advertizing on the web page, at functions, and on the newsletter.


Next is the Insurance: There is a lot of talk what to do. We have phone calls in to cut back if we can. Like only insurance for the officers, and for the rides it self. But Dave G. brought our attention to an accident that happened to the Lewiston. And their insurance didn’t cover them or the officers. We will be checking into this with our insurance, If this would ever happened to us. I hope it never will.  Are we covered or is there loopholes we are not aware of.


The last two things that were talked over was the “End of the World” and Dixie Complex brochures that was passed around the table. At the next meeting we will be bring in maps to go over and get our letters for both wrote.


And to end was the talk again about combining the groups in the area. First Randy said he didn’t think the motorcycle club would go for it. They talked about it at their meeting. But it didn’t go very far. But on the other hand, Bruce Gram said there was a few Jeep people that would like to get together and talk.

So with that we are looking into changing it officially to OHV instead of ATV. We have side by sides already in the club. This won’t change the club at all.


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