November 2017, Newsletter

by IPA on November 7, 2017


November 1, 2017 meeting was brought to order @ Hoot’s cafe by Pres. Don Eckford. There was Don, Virginia, Dean, Brenda and a guest, attending for the meeting. Steve & Todd came to help with going over the maps.


Newsletter was talked over again to keep it the same way it is with E-mail dealing with the Web Page. (For those that want e-mail you enter your email in the center square on the web page, and then follow the prompts after that.) For those that don’t have e-mail or would prefer mailing. You will need to make sure you mark the box at the bottom of the membership forms for 2018.  A membership form will be mailed out to all the members in December’s newsletter.


Insurance: After talking to Marilyn with the insurance. The Directors and Officers Policy is going to be staying the same $1,100 to $1,200 for the year. But Group policy will be going up another $1000.

As talked at last meeting and this meeting. We need to think hard about the insurance. Club rides open to the public are more. Club rides that are members only are better. But we also talked about just buying insurance for the day for rides or when needed. More talk about this at December’s meeting. There is pros and cons for either way. This will be a club decision for the next meeting.


Meeting next month: We will be having the next meeting at the Grangeville at the Pizza Factory @ 7:00pm This would be December 6th. We will be discussing rides for 2018 and Nominating Officers for 2018. They will be taking over in January.


Thank you to Mary Mangold for putting in our New information on the web page ( This information has new 2018 membership forms and business membership forms.


She also put in the Meeting dates for 2018 (January 3rd, March 7th, May 2nd, June 6th, August 1st, October 3rd, December 5th. first Wed. @ 7:00pm) The meeting places may vary at this time.


The hats and gas cards will be delivered in the next couple weeks. As a Volunteer non-profit organization, we have never paid for someone doing a job. The gas cards are to help with the fuel that is used either in your ATV/UTV or chain saw. The hats are to recognize those that clean the trails on work days. When we do contract work, We hire within the club, and we only pay for the machine not the operator. And as for kids like Marie that works, she never has received a gas card or hat for any of the years she worked.


The last hour was spent trying to go over the two maps for the “End of the World” and “Dixie-Comstock Community Protection Project”. After some struggling to go over. We decided that we didn’t know much about the Dixie area to comment. But the End of the World map. We were able to find a few of our trails to comment on.  (As individual trials and as a whole for the area.)  We will be hoping to get the letter or information in soon on behalf of the club.

IF you have any question or concerns please feel free to call or email. 839-9991 Steve, 839-2303 Brenda or Dean or

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