Meeting reminder and Agenda

by IPA on February 6, 2018

Happy Monday!  

Hope you can make the meeting Wednesday at 7:00, it will be at the Pizza Factory in Grangeville.    Your support is appreciated!




Minutes of the previous meeting; January 03, 2018

Treasurer’s Report

Membership Update 2018

Thank You’s:

-Just because:  PJ Walker for the additional money you included with your dues!

-Silver Sponsors: Anna Ousley Swiftwater RV Park

-Gold Sponsors: none

-Platinum Sponsors: RaWanda Goehring & Todd Stenzel Central Idaho Properties



-Steve Dalgliesh regarding:  Sending letter from IPA to support the proposal the Forest Service will be submitting to the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation for Pittsburg Landing site repairs.  Letter needs to be received by January 19th, 2018.

-Blue Ribbon Coalition:  donation or membership ( membership basic 1 year $100, 2 years $200.  Premium 1 year $250,  2 years $500.  Membership expired 01/30/18


-Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation Letter in support of the grant application for Pittsburg Landing site repairs.

Committee Reports:

-Fun Rides: none

-Trail Clean Up:  none

-Fundraiser:  none

Matters arising from the previous minutes:

-BBQ Ride Date is set for 3/11/18- White Bird Sausage Feed changed to 3/18/18

-DRAMVU Plan Meeting Jan 9th, 2018 attended by  Dave Galantuomini

-Club and Officer Insurance:  Todd

-Fun Rides

-Trail Clean up Rides

New Business:

-Pledge of Allegiance

-Email Address:  

-Secretarial duties:  Approval for flowers, office supplies, stamps etc

-Advertising:  T-shirt & Sweatshirt Pricing

                          Logo on personal clothing                          

-Grant for ATV Campsite Kirkwood, Hells Canyon National Parks and Recreation: Steve Dalgliesh  

-Hells Canyon Recreational Collaborative Pittsburg Landing representative from IPA:  Steve   Dalgliesh

Next Meeting: Todd     

         Date:  March 7th  @ 7:00 pm     


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