Centennial Trail clean up this Saturday July 14 at 9:00 am.

by Wild Web West on July 13, 2018

Dear IPA Members

We need HELP!     We have scheduled a Centennial Trail clean up this Saturday July 14 at 9:00 am.

We are meeting at the rock pit off the 221 at Gospel Road.  (Grangeville Salmon Road – FS 221)   Call VP Bob Mangold with any questions before Saturday morning

Many thanks in advance to those members who can join us and volunteer a few hours of your valuable time to help us meet our obligations.   Its really a nice way to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful summer weather of Idaho County. 

And, to expand info for as a reminder of our mission as a club:

IPA’s primary message is “working for the public to keep trails open”.  

To show our sincere interest in monitoring our trails and being good stewards of public lands, the Idaho Pathfinders Association created its “Trail Ranger Program” which is an incentive program that encourages member participation in trail cleanup and maintenance through a contract by the State of Idaho – Nez Perce Clearwater National Forest.  Through these efforts, IPA is proud of the many accomplishments that have kept trails open such as:

  1. Assisted in keeping Kirkwood Trail open
  2. Trail 320A and 385
  3. Four Corners Trail
  4. 9301 Trail – Twin Cabin and Free Use Road.

In summary, the primary goals for our club are:

1.  Increase Membership (more members mean a larger voice to preserve our rights)

2.  Working with our partners, the Forest Service and other public agencies.

3.  Open more miles of trails for ATV use.

4.  Educating the public about our responsibilities as good stewards of the public trails.

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