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by Wild Web West on January 22, 2019




Representing a strong voice for citizens, residents and visitors to the Nezperce Clearwater National Forest to enjoy the bounties of our public lands.

Also, in lieu of issues that ALWAYS seem to be brewing in the background with no end: like Western Pacific Timber who is STILL to this day (2019) lobbying the State of Idaho to devise strategies that will work, for a land exchange of their barren high mountain Lochsa property. They have NOT stopped trying to manipulate a deal to gain our BEAUTIFULLY TIMBERED LAND AND MOUNTAIN OASIS in exchange for a Moonscape and rock with no trees and far from having any multi-use value. The Forest Service does want the Lochsa Land for the Watershed that sits atop that mountain. But the people had already spoken. Remember the meeting at the GEMS Gym when Senator Risch setup the hearing?

Bottom line is: The more members we have, the STRONGER our cumulative VOICE of the PEOPLE who want to protect our rights to explore, discover, relax and have fun in a multi-use environment, while enjoying the mountain air and fresh pine scents, clearing our minds of the work week or other concerns, and getting outdoors to ride the trails,pick berries in the summer, gather firewood, and even snowmobiling in the winter. All of our local clubs the Snowmobiler Club, Idaho Pathfinders, Backcountry Horsemen, Grangeville Rescue and more, work hard every year to clear trails of big rocks, debris, fallen trees, shrubbery and to work in concert with the Forest Service to keep our trails clear. It doesn’t happen without the elbow grease of groups of volunteers, be it members of IPA or other clubs.

Please talk to your friends and family and let them know why a membership in the Idaho Pathfinders Association goes further than riding trails with other members. If you value riding the trails in the Nezperce Clearwater National Forest, your membership shows a body of people who care about keeping trails open for our recreational enjoyment and underlines the importance of showing how many people are willing to protect and keep trails open.

IPA’s primary message is “working for the public to keep trails open”.  


Its just $20 for a single person and $25 for a family.

Our President Todd Stenzel (2018 & 2019) and his awesome team of officers setup a Business Sponsorship opportunity in 2018. So if you would like exposure for your business to a target audience of recreational trail blazers, consider clicking the link below to fill out a business sponsorship.

SUPPORT IPA AS A BUSINESS SPONSOR If you run a business and would like to be a BUSINESS SPONSOR, we give our sponsors lots of exposure. Click on this link to support the Idaho Pathfinders Association as a Business Sponsor: SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM LEVELS.

We add Business Sponsors to our website, we add a link to their website if one exists. Also Business Sponsors are mentioned at every event and also at every meeting. We also mention sponsors in our Monthly Newsletters. All Business Sponsorships include 1 or more family memberships as well. Its just one additional way you can show your support and get your business in front of a growing list of subscribers that receive our news.

As always you can send a check with your membership form and waiver to IdahoPathfinders Association, P.O. Box 53, White Bird Idaho 83554

We are gearing up to provide a pdf fill-in-form membership application in the near future, but its not quite ready. In the meantime, if you wish to pay your membership dues through PayPal or Credit Card, you can do so. All membership levels AND Business Sponsorships are eligible for payment through But you do still need to complete the membership forms, waivers and / or Business Sponsorship Forms the old fashioned way until we have that digital system in place. It will happen by the end of January. So watch for our notices and get your friends to subscribe to our news and info.

Thank you for your consideration and the continued support of so many of our members. You can make a difference with your support as a member.

IPA Membership Types

Thank you for your support.

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