by Brenda Heckman on February 13, 2019

  • They following information was sent to the IPA to pass along to our OHV followers. Please read!!
  • The Idaho State Legislature is presently in session for its 2019 first regular session. The following is a current report and update of legislation monitored by the Idaho State ATV Association during the 2019 Session of the Idaho Legislature. Click on the hyperlinks to be directed to the Legislative website to read the legislation. If you have any questions or concerns, please email David Claiborne at david@sawtoothlaw.com or Steve Huffman at stevenhuffman9322@msn.com. H024 – UTV Weight Restrictions. Idaho law currently states that all UTVs must have a weight of less than 2,000 pounds. This bill would eliminate the weight restriction. It has passed a House floor vote by a vote of 70 to 0. It is now pending in Senate Transportation Committee. ISATVA supports H024. H074 – Comprehensive Update to Snowmobile & OHV Laws. This is ISATVA drafted legislation intended to provide for technical corrections and modifications to current law to clarify that any person may obtain a certificate of number for a snowmobile or OHV so long as the person has lawful possession of the machine. These changes are intended to accommodate software modernization at IDPR. The bill also provides that an accident occurring off-road and resulting only in property damage to the user’s own property need not be reported to law enforcement. This bill also imposes a $22.50 fee for OHVs used for commercial (rental) purposes. It will also allow use of motorbike funds to purchase public access recreation rights on private lands. Finally, it will allow the sale of a 2-year sticker, or certificate of number, for snowmobiles and OHVs. This bill is pending in House Transportation Committee. ISATVA supports HO74. H075 – Nonresident OHV Fee. Current Idaho law requires nonresidents to buy a snowmobile sticker for winter snowmobile use, but there is no nonresident fee for summer OHV use. This bill would impose a $12 sticker, or pay-to-play, fee for nonresident OHVs that use Idaho trails. This bill is pending in House Transportation Committee. ISATVA supports HO75. H090 – ATV and UTV Widths. Current Idaho law limits ATVs to 50 inches in width, and UTVs to 74 inches in width. This bill would widen ATVs to 54 inches in width, and UTVs to 80 inches in width. This bill is pending in House Transportation Committee. ISATVA has not taken a position on H090.
  • www.idahostateatv.org H097 – Landowner Liability for Recreational Access. This bill would allow a landowner to be immune from liability for injuries that occur to recreationists on the land where the landowner allows the public recreational use for free, or for a fee paid by a public entity (such as IDPR or IDFG) so long as no fees are charged to the user at an individual level. This bill is pending in the House Resources Committee. ISATVA has not taken a position on H097.

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