April’s News Letter 2019

by Brenda Heckman on April 23, 2019

This post is re-published to send to all the new members who’ve been pulled into our email list. If you already received, just disregard. 🙂 MM


Happy Easter Everyone. I waited a few days to post the News Letter. To give everyone a chance to receive theirs’ in the mail along with the membership cards and stickers. Thank you to Todd and Rowanda for getting them ready. So all I had to do was put the news letter in and Rowanda mailed them out. If you didn’t receive one and you paid your dues before April 1, 2019. Let us know so we can get it fixed 208-839-2303. (plus we need some address from those that did pay and missed the full address part. So to say the least we couldn’t mail it out. Sorry)

We want to thank all the members that attended April’s meeting. (14 members attended).

Thank you to this years Sponsors: Platinum Sponsors are: Central Idaho Properties, Buds Powersports Gold Sponsor: Gosselaar Powersports Silver Sponsor: Swiftwater Rv, P.J. Walker and Rick Liepitz

To start off we said the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Next the minutes from the last meeting were read. Approved by Matt and second it by Rick. The treasure report was read by Todd. Approved by Rick and Second by Nick.

The committee reports were as follows: The Fun Run to Pittsburgh Landing that was March 17th. Was the biggest turn out for a long time. This kept Mary and RaWonda busy with getting donation, 50/50 tickets and selling hats, t-shirts and memberships. Thank you to Todd, Dean, and Bob for cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs. And with this kind of turn out. We had amazing side dishes brought by members. Thank you so much!! And thank you to Mr. Spencer for donating back (his shares) to the club the 50/50 money. One thing we will do need to do better is signage for the new people that come. Sorry

Rides for 2019: June 30 Steak ride from Fish Creek to Florence. (We are going to be asking to use the Girl Scout Camp area. So the date might change.) We will have an RSVP date on the next newsletter. After we secure the date and place down.  

July (end of, waiting on the date) will be at Red River Campground. For a weekend rides. Like one day going to Poet Creek. Date and times will in the next newsletter

September will be the Dinosaur ride. This will take place up by the Pierce-Mussel Shell. Directions, date, and times will be post later.

For the New members to the club: The months of May and June are clean trails months. Everybody is welcomed to help out on those days. We will post when the clean up dates, times and directions when it comes available. Usually we try and do at the months meeting. So everyone will have a heads up. Some of the things that come in handy to clean trails are shovel, trimmers, and pruners. As far as the saw goes we walk a fine line there with the Forest Service. For the Trail Ranger program the saw people need to be saw certified, when we report our work days. (if you would like to be saw certified please let us know now. We are getting the First Aid class and saw class set). We clean more than just trimming. We also clean out the rocks, water bars and the trimmings that are cut. The trails needs to be 8 ft. wide and 10 ft.high.

Our rides are members only, unless stated open to the public, because of insurance purposes. We will also state if it is just 50” or less. Because we know there are some members that are over. If that is the case. We can usually help those out with alternative routes to meet up with us. We like to help if we can.

Another option that we offer is the OHV training class/course. We have five instructors in the club. This class is available when someone asks for it. We can instruct  classes in Cottonwood, Grangeville, and White Bird. If you are interested give Brenda a call 839-2303.

As for Fundraising ideas, We had our first for the year was at Pittsburg Landing with the Hamburger feed. The next one will be the Steak Ride @ Fish Creek.

At March’s meeting Jeremy H. with the Forest Service came to talk to us about trail work. He has sum money that needs spent on trail work . So we are putting in for 15 sets of Saw protective gear for the club. And a list of some well needed trimming areas on the trails. We will be turning this in this coming week. The trimming will need to be done as soon as we are able to get onto the trails. Keep in mind we still have follow the travel plans closures.

The last thing we talked about was Bob H. gave us a little more insight on the 385 & Milner trail to Adams. He said part of the Milner trail that was mapped out was never opened up. This would be after Skyline clear cut. Parts of these trials are on the historic trails. We should see about if there is a map out there that can help us out with that.

Tonight’s winner of the 50/50 ticket was Mary M. and she donated it back to the Club. Thank you Mary.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:36. Virgina made the motion and Les second it.

Next meeting is May 1st, 2019 @ 7:00 pm @ the Pizza Factory.

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