May 1st, 2019 Newsletter

by Brenda Heckman on May 8, 2019

Date May 1, 2019 Meeting was called to order @ 7:00 pm @ The Pizza Factory

There was fourteen members attending. The min. From the last meeting were read Approved by Rick L and second it by Larry W.

We like to thank the following 2019 sponsors: Platinum Sponsors are: Central Idaho Properties, Buds Powersports

       Gold Sponsor: Gosselaar Powersports

       Silver Sponsor: Swiftwater Rv, P.J. Walker and Rick Liepitz

Banking was Read approved. Rick made the motion and Larry second it.

The list of this Years Rides so far are as followed: (each ride will be confirmed date, time and unload spot @ the meeting before)(For those that are new, If you have any question about the ride, PLEASE call Todd 208-983-6033 or Dean 208-839-2303.) Things to bring maybe, extra fuel, tire repair kits, air compressor, tow strap, shovel, bucket and your food. Sometimes the fuel and repair kits are not for us. They are for others on the trails. Ha Ha Rides are members only due to insurance reasons. But we always have membership forms available that day. So people can join

June will be the STEAK BBQ ride on the 30th. We will be leaving the girls scout camp or Eagles Nest campsite that is past Fish Creek about 1 mile, on your left. We have reserved the campsite for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. If you are interested in bring your camper up. Let us know. 839-2303 Brenda The Ride will be on the 30th with the steaks that evening. Cost of the Steak is $15 per person  You will need to bring a dish to share. We will need those that are planning to go on the ride to RSVP back by 20th. 839-2303. The time for leaving for the ride will be made at June’s meeting.

July’s ride will be the 20 & 21st  Up and round the Red River Campground. There is a lot of riding up there. So it will be a weekend trip. Riding in different places Saturday and Sunday. (like Anderson Butt, Poet Creek) This may change do to no motels and very limited on campground places. We are finding out.

September will be the Dinosaur ride @ the Mussel Shell/Pierce area there will be more later.

Trail Clean up ride are beginning. The first one is to Big Canyon on May 11th leaving the trail head down by Pittsburgh landing at 9:00 am Pacific Time. They are saying a little bit of brushing needs to be done. But most of the work is removing rocks in the trails. This is about 15 mile round trip. They usually clean on the way in, eat lunch at the last cabin, and then ride right back out.

Second clean up ride set for is Kirkwood on the May 18th. Leaving Lucile along highway 95 at 9:00am.  This will be an easy day. A little bit of trimming down towards the bottom, along with some ditching for the creek and a few trees to cut out wider. Work on the way in and ride back out. This will be a hot day.

As for the other trails. There is still snow up at Fish Creek and Florence area. So More on those trails @ June’s Meeting.

The date for the CPR/First Aid class has been set for May 15th in Grangeville. If you are interested in taking it along with the Saw Class please let us know. 839-2303. You have to do the CPR/First class before the Saw Class.

For some good news: The grant money has come in and Todd & Dean are checking into the DR trimmer for behind the 4-wheeler. And we will also be asking Steve D. about his backpack trimmer with the saw blade on it. This should help out with some of the trimming/brushing that goes on on the trail clean up work days. Always trying for better things.

Things that will be looking  into this year is the insurance for the officers and the trail rides. Saw equipment for those work days and the reroute just the other side of skyline. The officers for the club are always keeping their ears open for bettering the club and trails.

So all our members out there, if you have any ideas or thoughts for the club let us know. We are always interested in new rides or areas to ride.

The next meeting will be June 5th @ the Pizza Factory in Grangeville 7:00pm

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