Kirkwood Work Day

by Brenda Heckman on May 17, 2019

Good Morning everyone. Happy Friday. Due to the rain last night and today. The President and Vic. President have called off the work day for Saturday. It is suppose to keep raining for a few days. We will reschedule the work day at the next meeting.

I also believe we will need another work day in Big Canyon. Since Larry and Britta were the only ones that went. Sorry. (The Pres. and Vic President were working that Saturday.) And Larry and Britta say there is some more work on brushing and rocks in Big Canyon.

We will need to do some work down in there on the Kirkwood trail, with all the water that is running down the main road. A few members have gone into Kirkwood for rides and have removed rocks and did the trimming all ready. So it should be an easy day. Thank You to everyone!!!

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