Work Day for Sunday

by Brenda Heckman on July 20, 2019

Good morning everyone. It’s Saturday, and I’m sending out a message to say that the work day for Sunday the 21st has been canceled. With the work days the parties have been small. Four members that have been working on the trails, Have called in and said they will not be there. Due to haying and family things.

You can go and clean the trails at McComas, if you want. We are not stopping you. We just didn’t want you to go thinking that we would be there. If you go please keep track of the : Trees you cut out, brushing done, rocks moved and just in general how was the trail. Please don’t go alone!!!

We will be rescheduling to go up in the next day or two. We know there is a lot of brushing. So that is were the DR will come in handy. You can watch here and Facebook for any updates. Sorry about the inconvenience.

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