December’s Meeting 2019

by Brenda Heckman on December 12, 2019

Thank you to those that came to the December meeting. The club bought pizza and breadsticks for everyone. At the end of the meeting we had drawings for Door Prizes, thank you to Buds Powersports and Tackett’s for the donated items. 

This Holiday season please keep in your thoughts and prayers all those that lost someone this year. We have had a few members passed away and their family and friends will be missing them. Let’s hope they will have someone to help them through it. (Friend or family).

The pledge to the Flag was said. Thank you to Todd for bringing the flag. 

Mins from the last meeting were read. Virginia made a motion to approve the min. And Randy second it. 

We like to thank this years Sponsors:

Sponsors 2019:

Platinum Sponsors:  Central Idaho Properties-Grangeville, Buds Powersports-Cottonwood

Gold Sponsors: Gosselaar Powersports-Grangeville

Silver Sponsors:  Swiftwater RV-White Bird

P.J. Walker-Lewiston

Rick Lieptz – Pollock

Elk Creek Cabins- Karen Crosby in Elk City

A quick run down of the Treasure report was read. Les made the motion to pay the bills and Virginia second it. Dave made a motion to accept the treasure report and Randy second it

Correspondence in: Thank you to Mary and RoWonda for fixing the 2020 membership on the web page and getting all that in order for 2020.

Second thing that came in was a Letter from the Hungry Ridge Restoration. (no new trails)

Third was the information from Sandra Mitcheal with the wording on Wilderness issue. She was asking for name on their signage. Yes we emailed back and said. Yes we would. 

Fourth is a meeting on the 11th with the County commissioners about Recreation in this area. 

Last was there will be a meeting on the 14th about the Hells Canyon Calibration in Riggins. Dave and Steve will be going to this. And keeping informed on what is needed or what we can do to help.

Correspondence Out: We have sent the DR back. It will not do what we want it to do (like climb up on the taller brush or do the hillsides). So the new idea crew will be looking into something different. (Dean, Todd, Kenny, Wes, Les) If you have any ideas, please let us know. 

The board is up at Bud’s Power Sports, It has membership forms and we will try and keep the newest newsletter on it. 

For News Business. : Tonight we had election of officers. Nobody stepped up to the plate to move into the positions. So Les and Virginia said well it looks like the ones in there will stay. 

Todd and Dean said ok. But everyone needs to understand that family lives are busy and that they would need to have help with getting everything done. 

So with that if you hear or see anything that needs IPA’s attention, please let us know or see if we know about it. Thank you to those that all ready help out. We appreciate it. 

We are Starting on the Rides for 2020. The kick off ride will be March 15th St. Patrick’s  Day BBQ ride to Pittsburgh Landing. Last year They cooked from 11-1 at the campground. (hamburgers and hot dogs) We set this in correspondence with the White Bird St. Patrick’s day breakfast. 

If you have a ride for the club please let us know. Thank you to those that brought ideas and hosted a ride last year. 

Next meeting:Feb. 5th @ 6:00pm @ the Pizza Factory. 

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas to everyone.

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