Idaho Pathfinders Association

The Idaho Pathfinders Association was founded in 1998 by Dean and Brenda Heckman and Brodie Robinette of White Bird, Idaho.  Today, many years later, the club maintains loyal membership, and represents a strong voice in the outdoor recreational scene.

IPA emphasizes efforts to be good stewards of our public lands, to keep our forests clean, and to help protect individuals’ rights to ride trail machines on Public Lands.

IPA is proud of their increasing membership and would like to invite you to join our organization (if you’re already a member, we appreciate and thank you for your support).  In addition to joining our membership base which represents a strong and growing voice in our goals to enjoy our public lands and keep trails open, you may also enjoy the fellowship of our “members only” trail rides throughout the year.  We also schedule 2 or 3 Public rides throughout the outdoor season as well.

IPA’s primary message is “working for the public to keep trails open”.  To show our sincere interest in monitoring our trails and being good stewards of public lands, the Idaho Pathfinders Association created its “Trail Ranger Program” which is an incentive program that encourages member participation in trail cleanup and maintenance through a contract by the State of Idaho – Nez Perce National Forest and Clearwater National Forest.  Through these efforts, IPA is proud of the many accomplishments that have kept trails open such as:

  1. Assisted in keeping Kirkwood Trail open
  2. Trail 320A and 385
  3. Four Corners Trail
  4. 9301 Trail – Twin Cabin and Free Use Road.

In summary, the primary goals for our club are:

1.  Increase Membership (more members mean a larger voice to preserve our rights)

2.  Working with our partners, the Forest Service and other public agencies.

3.  Open more miles of trails for ATV use.

4.  Educating the public about our responsibilities as good stewards of the public trails.

If you would like to become a member of the Idaho Pathfinders Association and align yourself with the growing number of individuals who are banding together to protect our individual rights to ride trail machines on public lands, please click on the link below for a membership application or visit our contact us page and call one of our officers who can ensure that you get a membership application in the most helpful way possible.

Every single member is important and binds the group to a common goal, creating a stronger voice that is effective in helping us to protect our individual rights to enjoy public lands.   Memberships are currently $25 for a family;  $20 for individuals.