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HISTORIC Milner Trail Hearing at idaho county courthouse – 11am on Nov 29th

Hi Members and Recreation Enthusiasts:

Attached is our flyer about the upcoming hearing before the Idaho County Commission on the issue concerning the Milner Trail trail at the trailhead across from Fish Creek.

A private owner has taken it up himself to install gates, and will lock them at some point, blocking this public trail. You will learn all about it when you attend the hearing. If you’re a recreation enthusiast (biking, hiking, ATV-ing, snowmobiling, cross country, motorcycling and dirt bikes) and enjoy riding on the Historic Milner Trail (or any trail for that matter) you will want to get behind this issue to keep this trail open.

A color version of the flyer in jpg format is attached at the bottom of this post – designed for social media.

There’s lots of history concerning this trail – cut in by Pioneer Mose Milner back in 1862 to open up the way to gold fields in the Florence area. Preservation of history and culture is important, in addition to keeping a trail open that has never been abandoned and is widely used year-round by recreation enthusiasts. In fact, back in 1872, records document that Idaho County Commission validated the Milner Trail as a public right-of-way county road.

We have hired an attorney, adept at road issues to present the case in front of the Idaho County Commission, laying out facts that support preserving Milner Trail as an open trail for all of us to continue enjoying, as it has been enjoyed for over 100 years, in addition to the privilege of keeping it open for your children, your grandchildren and generations beyond.

If you’re able to attend the hearing, it will take place:

WHERE: 2nd floor of Idaho County Courthouse in a Courtroom. (plenty of room for lots of people to attend).

WHEN: 11am on Tuesday, November 29th


Idaho Pathfinders Association, other business owners and private individuals have donated to the legal fund, but we need all the support we can get. If you would like to make a DONATION of any amount, please send a check to:

Idaho Pathfinders Association
P.O. Box 714
Grangeville, Idaho 83530
Attn: Legal Fund

This is an important battle we are waging to eliminate closure of any kind and to keep the road open into perpetuity.

Attached are 2 flyers:

  1. Color flyer in JPG format to post to your social media accounts (below)
  2. Black and White flyer in PDF format to share via email or to print and share with friends and other community members.
    (at the top)

We appreciate your support and to spread the word about this Milner Trail hearing. See you on November 29th at 11am.

Color flyer JPEG

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