ABOUT THE Idaho Pathfinders Association

Our Mission Statement

The Idaho Pathfinders Association (IPA) was founded in 1999  and the club maintains loyal membership, and represents a strong voice in the local outdoor recreational scene.

IPA emphasizes efforts to be good stewards of our public lands, to keep our forests clean, and to help protect individuals’ rights to ride trail machines on public lands.

IPA is proud of their membership and would like to invite you to join our organization (if you’re already a member, we appreciate and thank you for your support).  In addition to joining our membership base which represents a strong voice in pursuit of our goals to enjoy our public lands and keep trails open, you may also enjoy the fellowship of our “members only” trail rides throughout the year.  At times we schedule public rides throughout the outdoor season as well.

How Your Membership Supports Keeping Trails Open

Emphasis on Good Stewardship

Enrich your adventures on public lands with a solid understanding about the importance and benefits of being good stewards of our public lands and trails.

Protects Individual Rights To Ride Trails

The larger our body of members, the stronger is our collective voice that can protect individual rights to enjoy the trail systems on nearby public lands.

Share the Importance of membership

Talk to friends and family to let them know the value and importance of supporting membership to preserve our local trail system with access for all.

Trail Ranger Program

An incentive program that encourages member participation in trail cleanup and maintenance through a contract by the State of Idaho – Nez Perce National Forest and Clearwater National Forest.

Partnerships With Public Agencies

Working with partners in our local communities means collaboration with the Forest Service, the Blue Ribbon Coalition, Idaho Parks and Recreation and other public agencies.

Open More Miles of Trails

Annually, across the Nezperce-Clearwater National Forest, our volunteer and partnership efforts are in place to help keep trails open for everyone.

$25 Per Year for a Family membership
$20 per Year For a Single Membership

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