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Idaho Pathfinders Association July 26th Meeting

Happy 4th of July . We hope everyone had a safe and fun one. 

June 26th meeting was called to order @ The Pizza Factory. (This meeting was set to take the place of July’s meeting. Because it was going to fall on the 3rd. And knowing not many people would be around. It was moved). 

We would like to Thank the following Sponsors: 

Platinum Sponsors: Central Idaho Properties- Grangeville Buds Powersports-Cottonwood

Gold Sponsors:        Gosselaar Powersports- Grangeville

Silver Sponsors:       Swiftwater RV-White Bird P.J. Walker-Lewiston Rick Lieptz-Pollock Elk Creek Cabins-Karen Crosby in Elk City

Thank you to everyone that has paid their dues at this time. If you haven’t. Remember it is $20 per person or $25 for the family. If you are interested in being a Platinum, Gold or Silver Sponsor you can call Todd or RaWanda and find out how it works. Or stop by Central Idaho Properties in Grangeville. They have the forms.

Cleaning of trails: Centennial Trail will be July 14th. We will be meeting at the end of the pavement on the 221 Road. 9:00 am. (a part of the trail was done about a  1 mile and there was 137 trees.)  McComas Trails will July 21st. We will be bringing the DR Trimmer up to see if it will help cut down on the brush cutting. And cutting the trails out. We start at camp 58 9:00 am

The 385 & 386 were looked at during the Hamburger BBQ ride. Along with the 9301. (the 9301 trail will need a little bit more bushing.)

Rides: Still set for July 27-28 is the Poet Creek/Red River ride. We will be meeting at the Red River CampGround. If you need cabin space you can call the Elk Creek Cabins. They have some available. (208) 842-2567 The Dinosaur ride in September (Pierce/Mussel Shell)

This meeting was nice and short 38 min. Long.

Next meeting will be August 7th @ The Pizza Factory 7:00p.m. 

2020 Business Sponsorships

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