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July’s Newsletter 2021

Happy 4th of July everyone. Sun and Smoke is rolling in. Yuck . Thank you to the 13 members that came to the meeting and one guest Bill Perry from Beaver Tec

Sponsors: We would like to Thank this Years 2021 Sponsors:

Silver Sponsor: Swiftwater RV in White Bird

Platinum Sponsor: Central Idaho Properties in Grangeville

        One for the Road in Grangeville

Thank you to all those that have paid their 20121 membership dues. If you are needing a membership form please email us or call 208-839-2303

NO Bills at this time. :))

Incoming correspondence: Insurance. Reimbursement of $50 for paying in Full $$5,673.00.

Rides at this time are tabled. Nobody had any to suggest because of the smoke and fires around the area

Cleaning on the trails. At this time we are still waiting for the contract to be in our hands. Talked to Jeremy Harris about it. He said they put in the IPR for  it. So it is in IPR hands at this time. When and If the contract is sent out, It will be for our normal trails. Do to insurance reasoning. The club has to wait to work on trails till the contract is released. Things happen unexpectedly and we want to make sure we are covered. If you work on trails without the contract you are on your own. 

Noal P called and he had a few days that he could spend working on a trail. So he asked how he could help. Brenda met with him and they talked about the Gary Dayle trail or the 1847 trail. Both need a lot of work brushing and a lot of downfall. 

At that time Brenda asked about the offices in Grangeville and Slate Creek. Both are closed at this time unless someone is picking up permits. But they hope to open it up soon. 

A few trails that are opened up are 9301 trail, Fish Creek, Bullion Mine trail. 

Now at the end of the meeting thank you to Bill Perry for bringing a brush cutter for us to  look at from Beaver Tec. This cutter is towed behind the OHV. It has two wheels and the blades in the middle. The replacement blades are around $560 a set. It’s 20 horse power/ belt driven and you can pull it either right behind you or offset on the right side. When offset you can cut  72” wide. It has an electric start, and a deadmans stop.  Cuts 2-3 inch Diameter trees, 5-15 inches tall. Cost is around $7,000.

Some of the questions were what happens when you hit a rock (bent blades, and sparks), How fast will it go (5-8 miles and hour) Can a third wheel be put on for doing the edges., You can sharpen with a grinder. Something else to think on is the middle cent hump in the trail and the blades?? 

Something that the club did ask him was do they or can they make one that goes on an arm for doing banks. 

Before leaving the brushcutter. The members asked if Bill might bring it back when we get some moisture on the ground. This way we could see how it works. Bill said he could. 

Brenda will look into what it will do to the Insurance, and will bring it back to the club.

Bob H. said the Idaho Parks and Recreation is looking for people to volunteer for reading grants and such. For information go to Idaho Parks and Recreation web page.

Next meeting is @ the Lions Park in Grangeville (the tables up by the outfield and Preschool) @ 7:00pm Aug 4th. .

If you are a facebook person. Brenda is trying to keep fire information on the Idaho Pathfinders facebook page. She also put up other info as it comes in. (The facebook page is faster and I can update faster.) 

If you have any ideas or information for the club you can email it to or call Todd 983-6033 or Dean 839-2303 or Brenda 451-0213

Rule: H129 allows OHVs to operate on (1) city and county roads unless prohibited by local authority, (2) numbered state highways within cities unless prohibited by local authority, and (3) numbered state highways outsides cities where speed is 60 mph or less, but limited to 5 mile distances to connect with trails, parking, services, again unless prohibited by local authority.  On public roads OHVs have to travel at posted speed or 45 mph, whichever is less, and OHV must have a licensed operator and insurance

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