Milner trail is just the beginning!

We need support of all outdoor enthusiasts not only from Idaho County, but everyone who recreates in our great state.

Every day it seems like those of us in favor of multi-use of “OUR” outdoors, are under attack.  Now is the time to stand up and take a stand.

Today the most historic trail/road in Idaho is being in danger of being blocked by a landowner who knew the trail went through the property when he bought it. We are also fighting environmental organizations,  USFS with their “travel plan”, Idaho Fish and Game, and others trying to reduce available areas for us to enjoy.  Then they will claim overcrowding and even shut down more areas. 

Idaho Pathfinders ATV club is cosponsoring this validation with local land owners from that area to keep this trail head, and trail open!  Please join IPA, Snowdrifters snowmobile club, the High Country Trail Motorcycle Club, Blue Ribbon Coalition, LC valley ATV club and many others in this fight.  You can show your support by attending the hearing on November 29th at 11 am in the court room at the Idaho County Courthouse, or sending a letter of support to IPA PO Box 714 Grangeville 83530.  We must take a stand or this will be just the beginning of our loss of public access!  Let’s keep Idaho a great place to live, raise a family and recreate. 

Bill Spencer

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