Milner Trail Public Hearing – 1PM Tues January 9, 2024


The public is invited to comment on the petition to vacate the portion of the Milner Trail from Mount Idaho Road (in Mount Idaho) up to where the trail ties in at the top at Fish Creek. You will want to put your name on the list in order to be called up for comment.

1:00 p.m.  *Public HearingPetition to Vacate a Portion of the Milner Trail———-Commission

Petition is filed by Shelley Rambo on behalf of Young Family Trust, Donald & Myrna DeHaas, Eddy Devin Family, Mark Nail, Jerry and Lynette Morelan & Brown Family Trust

Idaho Pathfinders Association is notifying you of this public hearing if you would like to attend. We oppose the petition to vacate any portion of the Milner Trail. The Idaho County Commissioners validated the Milner Trail which is a public right of way.

The Milner Trail was validated by Idaho County Commissioners on July 8, 1872 (See this document below):

“On petition of FA Shearer for the trail running from Shearer and ___ Ferry to Florence be declared a County trail and the same is hereby declared a public trail from this date. ALL THE TRAIL located in Idaho County known as the Mose Milner trail lying between Florence and L.P. Brown is hereby declared a County Trail from this date.”

One might ask, WHY, if the Mose Milner Trail was validated by Idaho County Commissioners on July 8, 1872 why would the Idaho County Commission require a second petition to validate the Milner Trail a second time on November 29th, 2022 by current Idaho County Commissioners.

The pdf documents provided below were distributed by Jeffrey Shinn of the Slate Creek Ranger District, present for the July 19, 2022 Idaho County Commissioners meeting at 1pm.

Members of the Idaho Pathfinders attended the meeting to hear details about a property owner who objected to the “PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY” that passes through his property – known as The Milner Trail (a historic trail that begins in Mount Idaho where signage is posted to inform the public about the historic value of this public right of way trail) built starting in 1862 by Mose Milner to provide passage to the gold mining fields in the historic town of Florence.

The below mentioned property owner complained of people leaving litter, being very loud, shooting off guns and violating his privacy and safety. The property owner admitted that no effort was made to contact Idaho County Sheriff Department to possibly patrol the area and provide periodic law enforcement presence to appropriately curtail the problems. Here are the comments in minutes related to that 1pm meeting:

Below info copied verbatim from the Idaho Minutes for July 19, 2022:
1:00 p.m. Jeff Shinn and Jeremy Harris, Slate Creek Ranger District, update on activities on the district-advises that they are getting numerous calls regarding the Milner Trail and a concern that a portion might be blocked by the USFS.  Shinn advises that their research has concluded that the historic documentation indicates that the jurisdiction is with the County – provides copies for Commission.  Alan Lamm recounts issues that he has had on his property – advises that this is very problematic – signs have been ignored.  Discussion regarding possible solutions. Jessup advises that the mechanism for the public would be to petition the Commissioners for a validation of the road.  Harris advises that there is a need for reader boards or other signage to advise the public-discussion.  Brandt questions whether or not there would be access available through USFS ground that would allow a short-term solution.  Shinn advises that they will advise the public that it has been posted by the property owner.

OTHER Idaho County Commission meetings with audio only minutes related to the Milner Trail, a public right of way.

The Mose Milner Trail is one of Idaho’s oldest historical routes.   The trail is used by thousands of locals and recreation enthusiasts, approved by President Abraham Lincoln in 1861 and funded by the government for public access into the Florence goldfields and maintained mostly with public funds since its origin 160 years ago. The Milner was built before the Homestead Act and allowed many homesteaders to find and access their newfound claims. 

As such, Milner Trail is steeped in Idaho’s history and heritage and also important to the cultural significance of pioneers of Idaho County.  In an era when historic statues are destroyed and our American cultural significance is eroded by fanatics, our opinions and actions matter abundantly.

Our IPA Mission Statement: Working For The Public To Keep Trails Open

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