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October’s Min. from the Meeting

Idaho Pathfinders meeting was moved to Hoot’s Cafe due to the weather. There were seven members that joined the Vic. President on October 2, 2019. Thank you to those that came down. Thank you to Virginia for bringing so much joy to the meeting. Somebody needs to keep Dean on his toes.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said and the min. From the last meeting were read. Virginia approved the min. And Nancy seconded it. 

We like to thank this years Sponsors:

Sponsors 2019:Platinum Sponsors Central Idaho Properties- Grangeville Buds Powersports-Cottonwood

Gold Sponsors: Gosselaar Powersports-Grangeville

Silver Sponsors:  Swiftwater RV-White Bird P.J. Walker-Lewiston Rick Liepitz – Pollock Elk Creek Cabins- Karen Crosby in Elk City

A quick run down of the Treasure report was read. Les approved to to pay the flower shop bill. Virginia seconded it. Nancy approved the Banking and Les seconded it.

Correspondence in: the Domain Name that has to do with the web, Thank you to Mary Mangold for taking care of it for us. Next was information from the Forest Service on the Center-Johnson project and the Pete King Wildlife Habitat Restoration. The Center-Johnson project we commented on earlier and they were getting back to us. The Pete King project was more up toward the LoLo pass and Syringa area, and really didn’t pertain to us. But Nancy took the information and was going to look into it some more. 

Thank you to those that went on the Dinosaur ride that was back in September. On Saturday they went 65 miles and Sunday they went 94 miles. Nancy reported NO DUST.  Thank you to Bob Haifer for putting it on.

As for the DR., Dean and Todd will be trying it out soon up at McComas Meadows. Dean and Todd both have been busy with fall projects and traveling. But things will slow down soon for them and they will get it done. Thank you to them for trying to take the time to see if it will work. Hopefully they will have a report by next meeting.

For News Business. Virginia brought news from Bud’s Powersports. They would like a board put up with information on what IPA is doing or going to do. So Brenda Called John @ Bud’s to see about how big they want and what kind of information. The result is we are getting a board with our name on top of it and the Newsletter will go on it and/or a flyer about up and coming events. This should be up and done by next week.

Second thing Virginga brought to the table was meetings. Due to this time of year everyone is busy and the attendance is getting smaller, She suggest to skip November, January, and February. Just have one in December for election of officers and then resume in March. After some discussion, it was voted and passed to Skip November and January. (Just the two meetings). 

So December, Nancy asked if we could have a Christmas Party meeting. Sounded Great. Make it like a cookie exchange (plate of cookies, don’t forget the receipt to share). Brenda is working on getting three OHV items to draw for and we will have a 50/50 ticket drawing. We also will be having election of officers that night. Their first meeting will be in February where we will set the dates for rides for 2020.

Next meeting: Christmas Party December 4th @ 6:00pm @ the Pizza Factory

Feb. 5th @ 6:00pm @ the Pizza Factory

Meeting was Adjourned @ 7:44

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