We ASK FOR your support to defend keeping access open to the Historic Milner Trail

Gate Blocking Historic Milner Trail

Strength in numbers translates to a STRONGER VOICE by WE THE PEOPLE.

Idaho Pathfinders core efforts continue as we work “to keep trails open for public use”.

This pledge in the bylaws of Idaho Pathfinders Association has been fiercely exercised through the past 20 years plus and now we are faced with a new battle against a private property owner who has gated and has expressed intent to lock the trail across his property. The man bought the 10 acre plot years ago with the knowledge of an historical recreational trail, crossing this section of land as well as several other property owners. Instead of calling law enforcement to report late night disturbances by rowdy, beer slugging litterers, this property owner is choosing to deny ALL recreation enthusiasts access by installing gates, with said warnings that the gates will be locked in 2 years.

Forest Ranger Joseph Shinn expressed to Idaho County Commission in July 2022 that the Commission should provide proof that the trail has been abandoned or evacuated before approving the property owners gate installation. But that proof does not exist, and the Chair of the Idaho County Commission has turned the tables to force WE THE PEOPLE to petition the Idaho County Commission to prove it is a county road. The filing fee is $400 to file a petition.

Idaho Pathfinders have been organizing plans to push back on this individual in a mighty approach.

The widely used and traveled Historic Milner Trail begins across the 221 from Fish Creek and Snowhaven and continues to meander south toward Four Corners with connecting access to the historic gold mining town of Florence Idaho via another important trail called “Centennial Trail”. With trails being locked up across our Nation, the privilege of access to such an incredible trail in our midst, providing multi-use and recreation for both residents and visitors alike, must be defended and protected.

That’s why Idaho Pathfinders are rallying for support to all recreation enthusiasts to expand the membership numbers that in turn, expand the strength of our Voice. More members mean more individuals who care about trails like the Historical Milner Trail.

Since 1861 when pioneer man and trapper, Mose Milner began opening up this trail, the road has never been abandoned nor evacuated. In fact, Historic Milner Trail was validated as a county road by Idaho County Commission 11 years later in 1872. The road was cleared starting in Mount Idaho to assist travel south as pioneer men and women flocked to the gold mining fields to gamble for the chance to strike it rich up through the turn of the century.

If you care about our local history, the cultural significance of the Milner Trail providing access for important recreation and multi-use purposes, and defending our rights to continue to access this trail unencumbered, Idaho Pathfinders would like to ask for your support through membership.

A one year membership is just $20 for a single member and $25 for a family membership. Click to download our membership application.

If you prefer not to submit membership but would like to donate funds that will be put to good use in our efforts to defend and protect the Historic Milner Trail access, please mail your check to:

Idaho Pathfinders Association, P.O. Box 714, Grangeville, Idaho 83530
Write Milner Trail Fund on your check.


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