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April’s NewLetter 2021

April Showers bring May Flowers. Happy to announce, We are seeing more and more OHV’s on the road and the snow is slowly leaving the hill side

We would like to Thank 2021’s Business Sponsors:

Silver Sponsor: Swiftwater RV in White Bird

 Platinum Sponsor: Central Idaho Properties in Grangeville

One for the Road in Grangeville

Thank you to all those that have paid their 2021 membership dues. If you are needing a membership form please email us or call 208-839-2303. 

The bills were easy to solve. Print shop for $12.96 for prints. And this year we voted and passed to pay the Blue Ribbon Coalition $100 to the organization and $100 to the Blue Ribbon Coalition attorney. We Thank them for all they do to  keep trails open. They helped us, several years ago on the Kirkwood trail. And every year they help out areas that need help keep the land open to the public. Weather it be for OHV, Horses, or just recreation use in general.

For the ride report on the Pittsburgh Landing: The weather was marvulous. Thank you to our Cooks: Dean, Steve, Bob. They kept the hamburgers and hot dogs rolling through so no waiting. There were 63 people signed in and we do think we missed a few that were there. That’s ok. This year’s  winner of the 50/50 tickets  was a kid that went home with $167. Thank you to everyone that participated.

A few of the other topics that we didn’t  have anything to report on were (maybe next meeting when the snow is further back): Fundraiser ideas, Clean up rides, Committee Reports. If you have any ideas or suggestions please bring to the next meeting or email them in. And one of the committee members will bring it.

It’s that time of year when we have to start thinking about  insurance. We have to have ideas for rides in order for them to decide on what to charge us.  But one thing we will have is officer insurance. That is a must

The last topic for the night is trail work. Yes we know there will be or is alot of brushing to do and on the McComas Trail (Gary Dayle) trail needs trees cut out. 

We have not seen or heard of any contracts going out yet. But we will keep a watch. 

There is some other news that we will be looking into about cutting trees on the trails. This has to do with cutting trees and removing items when they are in the trail. We have put in an email to Jeremy Harris for answers. Will report back at the next meeting. 

CPR & First Aid Class is April 21st, @ 6:00 pm In White Bird. You need signed up ahead of time. 208-839-2303

The next meeting we will be holding in Grangeville

May 5th at the Trails. I reserved the room from 6:00 to eat and 7:00 meeting

The rest of the meetings for the year are as follow: June 2nd, July7th, Aug. 4th and Sept 1st. At this time we do not have a place picked out yet. If you would like to host a meeting please let us know. Thank you

This just came in: H129 allows OHVs to operate on (1) city and county roads unless prohibited by local authority, (2) numbered state highways within cities unless prohibited by local authority, and (3) numbered state highways outsides cities where speed is 60 mph or less, but limited to 5 mile distances to connect with trails, parking, services, again unless prohibited by local authority.  On public roads OHVs have to travel at posted speed or 45 mph, whichever is less, and OHV must have a licensed operator and insurance

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