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August 4, 2021 Newsletter

Thank you to the nine of us that came to Meeting. Virginia kept us on our toes. 🙂 Meeting was called to order 7:00pm on the dote. 

Sponsors: We would like to Thank this Years 2021 Sponsors:

Silver Sponsor: Swiftwater RV in White Bird

Platinum Sponsor: Central Idaho Properties in Grangeville

        One for the Road in Grangeville

Thank you to all those that have paid their 20121 membership dues. If you are needing a membership form please email us or call 208-839-2303

NO Bills at this time. :))

Rides at this time are tabled have been tabled due to how dry it is, smokey and the fires around us. 

Cleaning on the trails.At this time the contract has been signed by us and waiting for the return signed by Idaho Parks and Recreation. Brenda has the copy of our part, so if it does start raining and not so dry. We can start trail work and we are covered by insurance on Scheduled work days. The members at this time feel health (to much smoke) and safety first, We are waiting to schedule work days. 

A few trails that are opened up are 9301 trail, Fish Creek, Bullion Mine trail. 

The last thing on the agenda was the brush cutter. Bill with BeaverTech sent an email back saying that an OHV version can’t have the arm off to the side. The company feels the machine would be unstable and unsafe. So at this time the members at the last meeting and this meeting feel that it’s not something that we need if it doesn’t have an arm for the banks on it. . We will be keeping the information on hand if anyone wants to take a look. 

We also got in an email about the Idaho State ATV ass. Having a meeting/ride at Burgdorf on August 21,2021. If anyone is interested Brenda Can get you the information or email with the Idaho State ATV

Next meeting is @ the Lions Park in Grangeville (the tables up by the outfield and Preschool) @ 7:00 September 1st.

For quick looks to see if something is going on, check out the facebook page or the webpage. We try to keep people informed there. 

If you have any ideas or information for the club you can email it to or call Todd 983-6033 or Dean 839-2303 or Brenda 451-0213

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