December’s Newsletter

Happy Holidays everyone. Thank you to the eighteen members that came to the meeting December 8, 2021 @ the Trails in Grangeville.

Todd open the meeting with the pledge to the Flag. At the Trails there is a big flag that stands in the corner. Which is nice. Todd read the minutes from the last meeting in September. Mary approved the minutes and Nick second it.

At September’s meeting it was voted and passed to dissolve the club. The reasoning for was lack of help on the trails, not enough people at the meetings to hold it together, and the money going out was more than coming in. The remainder of the money that was in the checking and savings was going to be split between the OHV clubs in the area. This would be decided at December’s meeting.

So here at December’s meeting, there was several people that decided to keep it going. But only keep officer’s insurance (which runs between $500-$1000) and have no rides. There would be one or two meetings in the year. This way if needed to write letters or take care of finances they can.

Bill Spencer mentioned that we need to keep fighting to keep trails open for the feature OHV users. And the COVID was the reasoning for short on people coming to meeting or wanting to any rides.

Bob Mangold agreed to keep it going for a least a couple of years and see if we can spark some interest.

Nancy Hoobler asked, why keep the club going if nobody shows up for meetings or club work days. Some people travel a long ways to help. Just to find out that nobody shows up. This is not easy.

So after a long discussion about everything. They decided to go for another year or two. So to go with that we needed new officers. So voted and passed. President. Todd Stenzel, Vic. President Bill Spencer, and Sec./Treasure Bob Hafer. Bob Mangold will be taking over the Facebook page and Mary Mangold will be helping with Webpage.

Some of the ideas to help out might be doing a zoom meeting. Take a break for 6 months, pay for officers insurance, and maybe do small work groups to get things going again in a different direction. Bill made the motion and the rest approved.

Bills to be paid Officer’s insurance in March, Web page in September and get a new post office box in Grangeville when one comes available. (For right now the PO Box will stay the same.)

Next meeting will be June 1st, 2022 @ the Trails meeting room 7:00pm. Dues will stay the same $25 for a family and $20 per person. Please remember to mail in a membership form with it.

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