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July 8th Meeting For Idaho Pathfinders Association

July 8th, 2020 meeting was moved to the Lion’s Park, Due to the COVID the Pizza Factory is not able to rent out the meeting room. Thank you to the 13 people that showed. 

The min. From the last meeting were read. Thank you to Virginia, Randy and Nick making the motion to approve and second/third it. 

Thank you for 2020 sponsors: Silver Sponsor: Swiftwater RV in White Bird

Silver Sponsor: P.J. and Mary Lynn Walker in Lewiston

 Gold Sponsor: Wild Web West

  Platinum Sponsor: Central Idaho Properties in Grangerville

On to Trail work days. This year we will be doing things a little different from the COVID-19 Mitigation strategies the Forest Service has put in place. Brenda had to sign a strategies contract in order to have a Trail Ranger Program contract, on behalf of the club. Some of the New will be: 1. The Forest Service has to know ahead of time before we clean a trail, 2. There are 4 questions the work day trail boss will have to ask each time, 3. They are asking us to wear masks ( we are asking if you have one bring it or Todd will be getting some throw away ones to have on hand for the work day.) They are asking us to maintain the social distance. 4. If you are around anyone that is sick or you are sick, YOU need to stay home. If you become sick after a work day, please make sure you contact the trail boss for the day. 5. Everyone that is working that day needs to sign the work sheet paper that day that the trail boss read the questions from. These are a few of the things that we are being put into place this year. (We will also need to be a little better in placing the problem parts on the paper) It will work out in the long run, We just need to get through it this year. (The Facebook page or the Web page are great places to look at for quick updates on trail work days, if not listed in the News Letter. Or call 208-451-0213.)

On a different note, For the trail Rides for 2020. We are tabling it till the next meeting. We as a club or organization have to follow the guidelines that the State has put on everyone. So we are encouraging people to ride on their own or call a friend to go for a ride. You never  know by the fall the crazy will be gone and we can put in some miles as a club. 2020 is just twelve months long and we are halfway through. It’s got to get better. 

As for the  saw class and or First aid class, We will be calling when the class comes available.

We have set two work days. 1. 4-corners trails (385-386) will be July 25 @ 9:00am. We will be starting at the rock pit. (Stay on the 221 road to 4-corners road, Turn right on the dirt road go less than ¼ of a mile and the rock pit is on the left. 

2. McComas Meadows will be August 1-2 we will be starting from Camp 58 9:00am. (Take the Harpster grade to the river, go across the river then take a right. Stay to the right follow the signs to McComas Meadows. We will sign at the top if we are the first ones up. IPA with an arrow)   The rest of the trails will be posted as they come available. 

Next meeting is August 5th @ 7:00pm @ the Lions Park in Grangeville. ( we were up by the baseball field last time.)

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