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McComas Meadows Work Day

Sorry about the Heat everyone. Hope everyone is drinking enough water and staying cool.

Yes we have a work day Saturday the 1st at McComas Meadows. We will be leaving Camp 58 @ 9:00am. We will be trying to get us as much done as we can with out causing heat stroke.

If the heat bothers you PLEASE stay home. We understand. We didn’t plan the high heats when we scheduled the work day. 🙁

Direction to get there: Going from Grangeville, go straight past Tackett’s down the Harpster grade. At the bottom go straight across the bridge then turn Right on Lightening Creek. Stay to the right at the first Y. Then at the top Do not take the first right that takes you to Earth Quack Basin. Take the second right that should read Camp 58. Below the meadow.

Please if it is to hot for you Stay home where it is cooler. Thank you We understand.

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