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August 2020 Newsletter

Happy August Everyone. Cooler Mornings and nice days for riding, Hope everyone is taking advantage of it. 

We would like to say Thank you to the following business: 

Silver Sponsor: Swiftwater RV in White Bird

  P.J.  & Mary Lynn Walker of Lewiston

Gold Sponsor: Wild Web West

Platinum Sponsor: Central Idaho Properties in Grangeville

August’s meeting was held at the Lion’s park in Grangeville by the Upper baseball field. Six members enjoyed the cooler after noon shade. While filling the air with worldly advice or stories. 

We kept the meeting short with updates on trail work. The following have been done. 

-Clean up Rides:  Fist Creek Done

    Milner Trail Done  (has some gravel work that needs done, This will be turned in)

    Big Burn Point Done

  421 NcComas Meadows Trail Done (Heavy Brushing on the upper end)

  Scott/ Bullion Done

Trails that still need to be done: 422 @ NcComas Meadows our saw quit that day. But we did ride through, There are over 50 trees that need recut to regulations and a whole lot of brushing. 

And the Centennial Trail: I believe it is open, but will need to be cut out to regulations and brushed out. 

These two trails have been opened up by some else. The Idaho Pathfinders contract with the Forest Service says we need to be cut out eight feet wide and ten feet high. I (Brenda) can’t sign off on it till they are. Sorry

They heavy brushing gets turned in and hopefully the Forest Service will go take take of it. Light brushing is ours to do.  We need to stay on the trail and NO reroute . If any reroutes happen on the trail, we need to try and cut it back out so it is back in place. If not possible to do, we need to report it on the sheets that are turned in. 

As of right now, we were not able to schedule work days for these trails. Not enough people there to say ya or nay. If you would like to be put on the call list, when someone wants to clean the trail and is looking for help. Call 839-2303 or email Brenda ( or

Thank you to those that have been helping out this year. It helps out alot. 

Next meeting is Sept. 2, 2020 at the Lion’s Park in Grangeville by the baseball field upper end. 7:00pm

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