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June 3rd, 2020 Minutes From the Meeting

First meeting since the Virus hit the area and we were able to hold a meeting. The hamburger BBQ started at 6:30 @ the White Bird Area Recreation District. We had 33 people at the meeting. Some of those are members and others were checking us out. (Hopefully feature IPA members)

We would like to say Thank you to the following business: 

Silver Sponsor: Swiftwater RV in White Bird

  P.J.  & Mary Lynn Walker of Lewiston

Gold Sponsor: Wild Web West

Platinum Sponsor: Central Idaho Properties in Grangeville

Here is a list of the following members that have paid their dues (Thank you): Darcy Huffman, Ted, Wendy & Drew Lindsley, Nick Cannon, Dan Goehring, Travis Goehring, Virginia James, Ken Lauer, Wes Lester, Robert & Mary Mangold, Jim McIver, Shirley Merritt, Fred Ulmer, Dennis & Myrna Bainbridge, Gil & Zetia Bates, Al & Cheryle Bolden, Larry  & Linda Cooper, Dale & Kathy Cooper, Craig & Linda DeMoss, Gerry & Larurie Drake, Marvin & Jackie Forsmann, Dick & Lois Geary, Troy & Dee Hartzell, Dean & Brenda Heckman, Donny & Pam Heckman, Dion & Susie Heckman, Gordon & Nancy Hoobler, Dee & Janet Huntley, Don & Karen Johnston, Lois & Bunky Lathen, Betty & Randy Peters, Katherine & Joseph Robinson, Les & Camellia Sonnenberg, Bill & Kim Spencer, Todd & Rawanda Stenzel, Cliff & Sue Tacke, Paul & Lisa Turner, Ken & Lorrie West, Delbert & JoAnn Houger, Jim & Jeannie Bullington, Larry & \Britta Whitecomb, Rick & Paula Prewett, 

Thank you To Mary Mangold (Wild Web West) for redoing the Web Page for us. It is a total makeover. Great NEW look, it was reported that it is easy to use. Thank you.

Thank you to RaWanda for getting us the updated membership list. We will be getting the membership cards and stickers out with July’s newsletter. That way we will have the majority of the memberships to send from. The membership cards are good for discounts at some of the OHV dealers. 

Next on the agenda was the State ATV Club membership to vote on. We voted and passed to pay as a club. The State ATV Club helps bring information to clubs about what is going on in Legislation or the forest service in different areas. Yes alot about what they report is happening in southern Idaho. But it opens our eyes, that it could happen up here. So keep an eye out. Thank you To RaWanda and Todd for taking care of this for us.

At the last meeting which was back in March, We were trying to get insurance for the club. So finally we found some. We have gone through a company in Boise. They were able to find us Insurance for the Officers and the club functions. (meeting, trail clean up and rides). The Officer insurance will be $561 and the club is  $5238. This will be almost double what we were paying before. But the club needs insurance and this is the only place Todd or Brenda could find that would carry us.

So with that we are looking into sum fundraiser ideas. Raise dues (which were raised two years ago), concert @ the RV park in White Bird, Steak Ride on private property, raffle off a 4Wheeler, Fun Run and work on getting more business to advertise on the web page. If you have any more ideas that would help us please call Todd 983-6033 or Dean 983-4566. We will be talking about it again at the next meeting. 

As for Ideas for Rides for the time being it is tabled due to the restriction in Idaho. But we hope to do one in July with a BBQ attached to it. One suggestion was from White Bird go across the top to Cow Creek Saddle for a BBQ then back on the middle trail. Another was to do the Clean the trail on one day with the ride on the other. Or combine the two in one day. These are just suggestions at this time. We are hoping to stirrup some ideas from members. 

For those members that are interested in the Saw Class & CPR/First Aid Class for cleaning trails. Please Call Brenda 839-2303. 

The next meeting Is July 8th @ the Pizza Factory 7:00pm (If you would like to host a meeting somewhere please let us know.) August meeting is on the 5th At this time is at the Pizza Factory.

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