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June’s IPA Meeting 2019

June’s meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm @ the Pizza Factory in Grangeville. The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Thank you to all the members that made June’s meeting. Thank you to the Following Sponsors for 201 : Platinum Sponsors are: Central Idaho Properties, Buds Power Sport Gold Sponsor: Gosselaar Power Sports Silver Sponsor: Swiftwater Rv, P.J. Walker, Rick Liepitz, Elk Creek Cabins

Mins from the last meeting were read: Rick Aprroved them and Vergina second it. All in favor.

Banking was gone over: Approved by Bill and Second it By Less.

At this time we have one hundred and forty two members and growing. Thank you to all those have joined this year. And Thank you to those that have started or worked on the trails. The two work days that were scheduled, Big Canyon, Larry and Britta were the only one that showed, (they have reported still need sum more work). And Kirkwood was canceled do to the Rain. Thank you to Rick for going in on his own time and working on the Kirkwood. The part left in there is fixing the road were the water was running down it. Dean and Todd with a few friends went in to Kirkwood and looked to see what they could do to fix it. Some of it is ditch work along the side. Which has to be approved  by the Walla Whittman to do more work than just fixing.

Available now is OHV maps of the Challis area. If you are interested please call Brenda 839-2303. The Challis organization sent us a hand full. They will be available at the June 26th meeting as well.

Rides that are scheduled: The Poet Creek/Red River ride is rescheduled to July 27-28. The campgrounds and motels should be available at that time. New Silver Sponsor Karen Crosby with Elk Creek Cabins is in the Elk City area. For those that need a place to stay.

Steak Ride is set for June 30th. We need everyone to RSVP by June 20th so we know how many are coming for the steak orders. And the ride captain can decide which way to go. We have the Eagles Nest rented for that weekend to leave from. Depending on how many, We might just stick with Fish Creek Camp Ground. The following people are signed up: Les, Rick, Matt, Bill, Kim, ( New members) Tom +1, Dean and Brenda.  Steaks are $15 for dinner. And we are asking that members bring a dish to share and your own drinks.

The work days are starting: here is the schedule: Fish Creek was Tues 11th. Next one is Centennial Trail on June 23rd. Leaving the Gospel turn off camp ground 8:00. The 9301 trail will be done during the week by Brenda and Dean. The rest of the trails will be scheduled at the June 26th meeting. (some of the trails we are finding are needing very much). Reminder to everyone. We never work on trails alone. And we try to work on them on scheduled work days. When the trail work is done. The head trail person for the day will turn in the paperwork to Brenda for the trail ranger program. (rocks, trees, brushing, animals, people, water bars all have to be accounted for.)

As for the DR trimmer. Dean will be ordering one with a six month trial. If we don’t like it, We can send back for our money back. Hay. We hope it works great for us.

Thank you to those that finished up with the CPR class and saw class.

Karen Crosby brought back information on the Land Exchange. Not much is happening right now. Idaho Department of Lands has gotten involved. But Pacific Timber is still involved. Karen will halp keep us informed about things. Karen is with the Recreation Council, and works with Sandra Mitchell on the Council as well.

At this time Nothing back on the Chaps, trail work, Trail Ranger Program or the Skyline to Mill Creek project.

Todd sent out an email to Jeremy during the meeting to see what is going on. Jeremy got back to us a few min. Latere. He has taken another assignment. So we will have to get ahold of Carol Hennessey and/or Noel Payne. Brenda will get on that next week.

Steve Daglish was there with information on the Hells Canyon Collaboration: The fees for use that the Forest Service was trying to put on. Was Declined!!!!!  The Collaboration team are still working on upgrades for the Pittsburg Landing area. And has put in for some upgrades for Kirkwood. Great news for them.

Please a reminder to RSVP by June 20th if you are planning on going on the Steak Ride. If you didn’t see your name that means you have not let Brenda know. 839-2303. You don’t have to pay right now, you can play the day of. But we just need a head count.

The next few weeks will be hard for everyone. With Trial work upon us and the holidays. Please if you are interested in anything or have questions. Give a call.

Todd Stenzel  President 208-983-6033

Dean Heckman Vic President 208-839-2303

RaWanda Goehring  Treasure 208-983-3517

Brenda Heckman Secretary 208-451-0213

The Idaho Pathfinders Association is working hard to keep trails open for the public. Have fun and be safe!!

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