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News From Idaho Recreation Council

This came out from the Idaho Recreation Council February 28,2021.

I took some time today on this windy/snowy afternoon to type up some of the information on the following;  2021 Idaho Legislative session from Sandra Mitchell and David Claiborne: Thank you to them for keeping us informed.

H086- Recreational Sticker Program: eliminates need to validate ownership of OHVs and  Snowmobiles to identify pay-to-pay sticker to vehicle by itsVIN or title: allows stickers to be sold as over the counter transaction and reduces other red tape to simply administration of sticker program; requires roll-out of multiple year stickers by NOV. 2021. Passed out of House by vote of 66-0 Pending in Senate Transportation

H093: State Park Fees: increase fees for state parks for non-residents only: requires non-resident fees to be double resident fees; grants IDPR authority to set nonresident fees. Sponsor-Rep. Okuniewicz Passed out of House by vote of 57-11 Pending in Senate Resources & Environment

H129- OHV use on highways:  to allow OHVs to operate on all public roads that are not state highways or interstates. To allow OHV to operate on state highways within cities and 1 mile out. To allow OHVs to operate on state highways outside cities for stretches of 5 miles to access trails, Lodging and services. OHVs must follow rules of the road and keep speed to less than 45MPH or posted speed. Requires IDPR to be notified before any entity adopts and ordinance restricting OHV use on roads or Highways. Sponsor-Rep. Gestrin. Passed out of House transportation with a Do PASS recommendation: awaits House floor vote this week. 

H164-State Preemption on Local Roads: Would prohibit local jurisdictions from limiting or restricting OHV use on public roads, meaning only ID. Transp. Dept. could impose restrictions or limits

H187-Private Access Agreements: allows ID Dept of Fish and Game to enforce land use restrictions on private lands where private landowner has made lands open public recreational use at no charge. Passed out of House resources & Conservation with a Do Pass recommendation; awaits house floor vote this week. 

H229-Snowmobile Fees and Distribution: raises snowmobile sticker fee by $3 for residents and rental machines and $17 for non- residents; all Allocates $2 from each sticker to search and rescue fund: allocates $1 from each sticker to IDL for recreation on state lands: creates a state snowmobile avalanche fund; $1 from each snowmobile sticker to the fund; fund oversight by committee; fund monies must be used for avalanche forecasting warning, awareness and education in Idaho. Passed out of House Transportation with a Do PASS recommendation

S1020- Recreational Trespass: Broadens landowner immunity from liability where landowner allows public to recreate on land fee of charge: clarifies definitions within statutes to broaden circumstances to provide greater immunity protection to landowners. This is legislation developed by Idaho Water Users Association. Passed Senate by vote of 30-3 Pending in House resources and Environment. 

Thank you again to Sandra Mitchell and David Claiborne for keeping us informed. Statehouse news for Idaho Recreation

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