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September’s Newsletter 2019

September 4th’s meeting was called to order at the Pizza Factory @ 7:00. There were seven members attending. 

Min. from the last meeting were read:Virgina made a motion to approve the min. Nick second it.

We like to thank this years Sponsors:

Sponsors 2019:
Platinum Sponsors:  Central Idaho Properties-Grangeville ,
Buds Powersports-Cottonwood P

Gold Sponsors: Gosselaar Powersports-Grangeville

Silver Sponsors:  Swiftwater RV-White Bird, P.J. Walker-Lewiston, Rick Lieptz – Pollock, Elk Creek Cabins- Karen Crosby in Elk City

Treasure report was read. Rick approved the banking and Nick approved

In the Correspondence in was a National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council this was to notify those that wanted to ride in Arizona that they would have to get a special sticker. 

Ride Report: ATV or UTV 50″ Dinosaur ride in Sept. 21. At the meeting Bob H. was not present to help set the ride up, So we cancelled it.. But after the meeting Bob was able to contact Dean and send him the information. The Ride is still a go for September 21st.  Bob (208-507-1291), will be headed up on Thursday to put up signs. He will be camping at the Musselshell meadow. The ride will leave Saturday morning around 7:00am. For those that need a map how to get to the Musselshell. Text me 208-451-0213 and I will message it to you. Bob sent it to me on my phone. 

Trail work: The trail work has been reported and the invoice has been made out. We will be sending The Trail Ranger program report in. As for the DR. Dean and Todd will be waiting for it to rain before trying it out. Due to the dry ground and such we do not want to start a fire, do to a spark from it. They will be trying the DR  in an evening. For those that want to go when they try it. Let us know and we will give you a call. 

As for New Business: A few of us tried to go to Coolwater lookout a few weeks ago. But at the trailhead it is posted Closed. Brenda sent a letter to find out why and when will it be opened back up. Jeremy just e-mailed Brenda back. Right now there is a timber sale going on. The logging crews will be fixing the road from the slide that happened last year. As of right we will be looking at MAYBE it will be opened up next spring.  

The meeting was adjourned at 7:19. 

The next meeting will be At White Bird “Swift Water RV” They are one of our Silver Sponsors. Thank you Anna For hosting it. 7:00pm by the river.

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